Poll repeated in many voting centers [Archives:2006/991/Local News]

October 19 2006

SANA'A, Oct. 18 ) The Appeal Court in Lahj told the Supreme Commission for Elections and Referendum to repeat local council elections in one of the voting centers in Al-Had District, Yafe'e, within 60 days.

The main committee in the district and the supervisory committee in the governorate announced earlier that the local council candidate of Joint Meeting Parties at the governorate level, Ali Mohamed Saleh won 5034 votes, compared to 4734 votes for his closest rival.

The verdict was issued following a vote result challenge filed by the local council candidate of General People Congress against the JMP candidate's victory.

The commission for elections is expected to call on Yemeni voters in 5 districts and 80 voting centers to revote in the complementary elections in these districts and centers where the poll process was suspended during the election.

The Election Law stipulates that complementary elections must be conducted in any voting centers or districts where the vote result was cancelled or the poll process suspended within three months following the date of cancelling the vote result.