Ponds and Swamps in Sanaa Streets [Archives:2000/35/Health]

August 28 2000

Streets of the capital city have been converted into ponds and swamps owing to recent rainfalls. Water has accumulated, washing over garbage scattered in the streets, sewage and dust which made the situation worsen. The result is catastrophes. Such stagnant swamps have become a main source for environmental pollution, disgusting smells, mosquitoes and above all streets have become impassable. In some clayey areas, some houses and shops have been slightly damaged out of leakage of water.
Most of the capital inhabitants complain about such damage resulted from gathering of rain water in their areas as well as lack of garbage containers in the city areas.
This problem is viewed by many people as part of the overall problem of cleanliness. Authorities concerned care for the main areas and neglect the others despite the heaps of garbage scattered there and which are drifted into the main streets of the capital city when it rains.
All streets and areas of the capital city should be paid the same attention. Caring for some areas is not a solution. In addition, all streets should be asphalted and those partly asphalted and not yet finished should be completed.
Diggings carried out in some areas have helped create many swamps resulting in many cracks in the streets. Unfortunately, authorities concerned seem to be shortsighted. Streets should be asphalted properly in order to save the public wealth and peoples properties from damage.