Population growth signaled as country’s major challenge [Archives:2003/652/Local News]

July 21 2003

Sanaa – On the occasion of the World Population Day on July 11, the Islah Charitable Welfare Society launched its awareness campaign in Sana'a in which it declared population growth as a major challenge to our country's development.
The Chairman of the Islah Charitable Welfare Society, Dr. Tareq Senan Abu Lohom dealt with the society's main activities in the field of promoting reproductive health and family planning and indicated the threats awaiting Yemen if the population growth rate is not reduced.
The representative of the United Nation Population Fund indicated in her speech that Yemen will face serious population problems in the future and that 50 percent of the population, which constitutes of the youth, will be in urgent need of massive awareness campaigns of reproductive health and family planning to control the staggering 3.7% annual population growth, which is the highest in the world.
On his part, the Minister of Development and International Cooperation, Mr. Ahmed Sofan said that Yemen's population might reach 40 million in 2025, which could possibly result in devastation for the country's economy and development and if not dealt with quickly, would result in ending Yemen's dream of establishing a modern state with quality life standards for its citizens.