Population woes discussed [Archives:2003/02/Local News]

January 13 2003

By Ismael Al-Ghabri
The minister said that the media has to put priority on publishing information on such important issues.
The meeting also discussed the population problem and its negative influence on the future development program and the productive concept and gender as well.
In the opening ceremony Hussein Dhaif Allah al-Awadi, Minister of Information who is the chairman of the general program for information and people communication, assured the importance of paying attention to people and development issues, that it is the duty of each citizen to help spread awareness about these issues.
He focused on the importance of the including women issues in the future developmental programs.
He also said that the aim of this meeting is to publish a report about the population problem and its negative effects.
Dr. Ahmed Mohammed al-Hamli, a national expert for the general program for information and people communication in the ministry of information, exalted the extensive efforts that Yemen Times pay in covering such social issues.
Al-Awadi confirmed in his speech that the media is not monopolized by anyone but it is responsibility of everybody to use it responsibly.
A three-day introductory meeting for 40 to raise the awareness of population, productive health, family planning and gender issues wrapped up in Sana’a on Dec. 31.