Possible Anti-US Attacks in Yemen [Archives:2001/01/Front Page]

December 31 2001

Some Western diplomatic sources have spoken out their fear of coming under potential anti-Westerners attacks on the eve of the New Year.
A number of diplomats told the Yemen Times they would not attend Christmas celebrations at the Aden Gold Mohur Hotel after Washington had warned of anti-Americans assaults in Yemen.
The US government has advised its citizens in Yemen to use caution with regard to possible anti-US and British attacks.
The US Embassy in Sana’a has similarly sent messages to the American community warning of possible attacks on places frequented by Americans and Britons.
The statement considered Gold Muhur Hotel as a possible target for such attacks, particularly during the New Year celebrations. It also deemed the Sana’a Trade Center as another potential target.
US Department of State called on American citizens, in December 2001 not to visit Yemen owing to what it described as “potential terrorist risks.”
Yemeni authorities have intensified the search for persons suspected to have links to al-Qaeda network, particularly in Mareb and Jawf regions.