Post-elections war of accusations & disputes continue [Archives:2001/10/Law & Diplomacy]

March 5 2001

Yemen Times continued to receive feedback from various political parties regarding the latest results released by the SEC. The GPC and Islah parties continued their vigorous war of accusations regarding all the violations and violence that took place during and after the electoral process. 
Here we publish some of those responses from all the main political parties. 
It is worth mentioning that this is happening in a time many electoral centers have not completed the electoral process and ballot counting. The deadline had already passed, yet the formal results are not expected until after Eid Al-Adha. 
Yahia Al-Mutawakel (GPC): 
Islah Creates Violence 
The Assistant Secretary General of the General People’s Congress (GPC), Mr. Yahia Al-Mutawakel, accused in a press conference held last Tuesday the extremist wing of the Islah party of being involved in violent acts against members of electoral committees. He accused the Islah party of trying to change results for its favor. 
He also addressed the SEC and authorities concerned as being responsible for bringing those elements into account. 
Mohammed Al-Yadomi (Islah) 
Accuses GPC of Fanaticism 
Secretary General of the Islah party, Mr. Mohammed Al-Yadomi accused, in a press conferences fantasists in the GPC of being behind all violent and cheating incidents during the elections. He said that the GPC’s desire to possess everything and the people’s stand in favor of the Islah were the main reasons for the aggressive campaign against his party. 
He said that the Islah won 1733 seats in the District Local Council elections including independent supported by the Islah party. 
As for the Governorates Councils, it won 86 seats including independents supported by the party. 
As a response to the GPC’s accusations he said that the Islah party was sincere to its slogans and principles during the elections, accusing the GPC of using force of army and media to win the elections. 
He held the GPC responsible for all violations and violent incidents that occurred during the elections and called upon the SEC to reconsider its calculations. 
Jarallah Omar (YSP): 
“Results not Acceptable” 
Assistant Secretary General of the Yemeni Socialist Party (YSP), Mr. Jarallah Omar, said in a press conference last Wednesday that the YSP will not accept the results of the elections. However, he praised the party great efforts to achieve what they had achieved. 
“The elections proved the availability of active people who have been able to maintain their political rights and make their right choices,” he said. 
jarallah accused the ruling party of cheating and creating many violations including shifting locations of ballot boxes, exploiting the public property and media to launch campaigns against the opposition. 
Al-Mikhlafi of the Nasserite Party: 
“Scandalous Elections” 
Secretary General of the Nassirite Unionist party described in a press conference following elections the incidents which occurred during the election process as a political scandal. 
He said that the SEC had tarnished democracy in Yemen, calling upon all people to stand against it. 
Furthermore, he said that the SEC made of the Local Council Elections the worst ones that have ever been organized during the last ten years. 
He also described the election process, specially in those constituencies where the candidates’ symbols were dropped or changed as illegal, holding the SEC responsible for all violations occurring during the election process. He concluded his statement be emphasizing that his party will try the SEC.