Postal saving, partner with TeleYemenCommunications add new services on the internet [Archives:2004/769/Business & Economy]

September 2 2004

The State Establishment for Cable and Wireless Communications is indulging in introducing new services on the internet. The general administration is working on data in preparation for implementation of the additional service.
The new services include the introduction of broadband internet system that would offer internet users with possibilities of browsing and speedy down loading of files as well as the use of telephone call and browsing internet at the same time.
There would be an introduction of hosting sites with technologies of (bhp and asp) with expansion of the hired international band in the world network by more than 155%. The previous post system has been replaced by the electronic post system due to the former system's limited services and new programs with modern advantages have been introduced.
On the other hand, the government of Yemen has allowed the Post Saving Fund to be a partner of TeleYemen Company for international communication instead of the British Telegraph and Wireless Company with a percentage of 5%. This investment partnership of the state authority of post, represented by the saving fund, has been estimated at around $3.1 million out of the total value of the company's assets.
According to the plans, through France Telecom operator, the company intends to modernize its services soon with a developed system of modern communications.
The government has entrusted the minister of communication with completing all legal procedures necessary for the post authority entering as a new partner of TeleYemen, as well as acceptance of forming the Arab Organisation for Information and Communication Technology, approved by the Arab Communication ministers.