Potential trial of terrorism suspects this week: al-Alimi [Archives:2004/738/Front Page]

May 17 2004

The Minister of Interior, Dr. Rashad al-Alimi said Wednesday that the trial of some terrorist suspects will kick off this week.
Al-Alimi who was responding to inquiries of MPs last Wednesday at the Parliament said that the number of arrested people on charges of terrorism are 195 including suspects of some terrorist operations against the USS Cole, Limburg, Hunt Oil company helicopter, medical convoy in Abyan, explosion of al-Qadisya in Sana'a as well as the attempted assassination against the US ambassador and bombing of the friendship bridge in Sana'a.
He denied information that there is pressure exercised on Yemen by the US administration not to start the trial of the USS Cole bombing suspects. He said that 43 suspects have been referred to prosecution while 95 others were released last year and 92 this year. He said only 86 are still in custody and that dialogue conducted by some clerics with them is going on.
The minister said that 20 wanted Yemenis were turned over to Yemen by some countries in addition to one of the Guantanamo bay detainees. He added that police forces arrested some 81 persons whom he called 'troublemakers' inside mosques in different governorates and that they were set free upon giving guarantees that they would stop their 'troublemaking' acts.