Poverty alleviation strategy launched in Aden [Archives:2002/11/Local News]

March 11 2002

Under the auspices of HE prime Minister Abdulqadir Bajamal, the work of the Poverty Alleviation Strategy was inaugurated in Aden.
The committee is linked to the Ministry of Planning & Development, Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Labor & Social Affairs.
Many specialists form Yemeni universities and NGOs as well as MPs, representatives of local councils and donor countries took part in the discussions.
The conference was held in coordination with Aden University. The Poverty Alleviation Strategy is one of the components of the economic reform package Yemen has been implementing since mid 1995.
Minister of Planning & Development also inaugurated on March 6 the second phase of Poverty Alleviation Strategy (PAS).
He highlighted the strategy and disclosed that the families suffering from extreme poverty and shortage of food have risen to 27.3% of the total families. Families under poverty line also totaled 34.0%.
The strategy mentioned that the scope of healthcare service coverage from 1994 to 2000 rose from 42% to 50%.
The second Five-Year Plan and the Poverty Alleviation Strategy aim at reducing the rate of poverty and food shortage as well as providing the population with better healthcare services.