Poverty’s dismal culture [Archives:2006/969/Community]

August 3 2006

By: Abdulkreem Al-Aawage
[email protected]

Life nowadays has its idiosyncratic features and characteristics. It is characterized by poverty and agony. So, the conditions have begun to create a culture of poverty that may one day affect the entire society. It is a fact that political parties, intellectuals, organizations, and some types of tyranny contribute to the formation of this kind of culture directly or indirectly. The main contributing factor, however, is the dreadful economic situation. It feeds the feeling of enmity towards among the masses of poor, making them think that their rights are being exploited by powerful figures.

It is the reality that such a situation is fertile ground for planting the seeds of violence. There are many psychologists, politicians, and intellectuals who claim that the poverty produces a special breed of culture .We can note this through the high crime rate, with many killings and kidnappings taking place all the time.

The feelings of no hope that many youth feel has produced a critical phase in the recent history of the country. Studies are conducted and payments are made for increased efforts, but to little effect. There are next to no opportunities for work. Students, therefore, leave schools to wander in the streets as riff-raff. The same can be said for officials at the various ministries who live a nightmare with prices rising everyday.

In my opinion, all these factors have shaped an apprehensive culture living under the shadow of these dangerous circumstances. So, what should we do to face such a crisis? The solution is in fact simplistic. Tackling corruption in its many forms would solve the problem, as it is the essential element in most destructive phenomena in any country. Thus, all members of society have to join forces to slay this dragon and allow society to enjoy peace and safety.