Praiseworthy paper released [Archives:2003/650/Local News]

July 14 2003

SANA'A_ The Sahafi newspaper, (Journalist) has been recently published by information university graduates.
The new issue has been highly designed and that the information graduates belong to Sana'a university have enjoyed high capabilities of writing a true journalistic piecework.
The Sahafi, which is a graduation project includes diverse and different local as well international miscellanies.
The information graduates have been currently discussing the idea of obtaining an official permission from the information ministry in an attempt to issue the new graduation project permanently.
As a concentrated effort made by the information students, the idea of obtaining a permission is too exorbitant.
“What is needed is to provide necessary equipment such as, Macintosh computer sets, printing costs, and other press-related subordinates,” an information student remarked.
The new graduation project has been discussed by the information university students last week along with the university professors.
“The new graduation project is praiseworthy and it is considered to be a clear indication of a successful experience in the field of journalism,” an information professor commented.