Prawn Cultivation and Exportation [Archives:2001/24/Business & Economy]

June 11 2001

Prawn is one of the most marine species on high demand worldwide. Annually, the United States of America imports about 360 thousand tons of shrimp, followed by Japan which imports 300 thousand tons and then China which imports about 200 thousand tons. The most expert and advanced countries in the cultivation of prawn in the world are China and Ecuador. Yemen enjoys good relations with the Republic of China. Many development projects have been implemented by this friendly country. Therefore, it is possible to take advantage of this cordial relations and benefit from the Chinese experience in this respect through making a joint government-government or private-government project for which China would provide equipment.
This opinion comes at a time our country is very keen to develop its relations with China. Such a project will create a new income source, provide more job opportunities for people, benefit from the large numbers of prawn in some cities, etc. It might be more successful if this project is implemented on the cost of Crater, where shrimps can freshly be imported. The success of the project may also be a beginning to similar projects in the same field because of the high demand of prawn in the neighboring markets and the rest of the world.
Marine wealth needs to be properly and seriously invested so that the people can benefit from this gift of God. After the spread of many animal diseases, people should be provided with a different range of varieties of fish.
Abdulaziz Mohammed Abdullah, Aden