Preliminary court convicts 30 supects of prostitution [Archives:2005/830/Local News]

April 4 2005

Mohammed bin Sallam
Al-Mansourah Preliminary Court, Aden convicted 30 suspects, including 14 Saudi men and 13 Yemeni young ladies of adultery.

Three of them, who run the hotel, were sentenced to one year in prison while the other 27 received a suspended verdict 6-month imprisonment each.

The court, under judge Ali Saleh al-Quheif ordered a one-year closure of the so-called Canary Blaza Hotel, which is located in al-Mansourah and the confiscation of all the properties at the hotel.

The hotel was stormed on Jan.28 by the investigation and police prosecutions after receiving reports of immoral practices and the suspects were captured inside rooms of illegal privacy.

The court attempted to manipulate the case from adultery into being a suitcase of privacy due to the lack of legal evidences for the charge, which stipulates the testimony of four eyewitnesses.

The hotel management was suspected of running pornographic practices.