Preparations for Arab Economic Council [Archives:2005/813/Business & Economy]

February 3 2005

Aden Bureau
Aden will host the 75th session of the Arab Economic and Social Council, affiliated with the Arab League, on 16 -17 Feb. The Minister of Industry and Commerce, Dr Khaled Rajeh Sheikh, said, “Yemen has finished all the necessary arrangements for this session and it comes within the preparation framework of the economic tasks schedule of the 17th Arab Summit supposed to be conducted in Algeria the forth-coming March.”

He says that the work schedule will determine the options for activating a Free Trade Zone, and expanding regional trade. He praised the council for clarifying the idea of a major Arab Free trade Zone.

Staff Colonel Abdullah Gairan, Aden Security Director, delivered a speech saying, “realizing the importance of this topic, we have to start this year with a distinctive beginning, with a scientific basis.”

The expert for Yemen, John Premkin, said, “the course is considered as a part of the aids and aims at qualifying the individuals and the coast guards to lead the marine boats and use them in ceasing the suspected vessels and conducting the marine inspection generally. The rest of this course is a part of the security assistance program that the USA is rendering. American experts come to Yemen according the training plan granted by the USA. This course will teach and train the individuals in driving the boats and offloading the boats consignments, using the maps, the weekly and rotational maintenance. Also, there will be new topics in this course for improving the individuals capability in the rotational maintenance line. We wish that this course will be beneficial and interpreting what has been studied on the fact ground”, said He too.