Preparations for Complementary Elections [Archives:1998/15/Local News]

April 13 1998

A special two-day course was started on Saturday 11 March to train the chiefs and members of elections sub-committees in constituencies number 93, 204, 238, and 283.
Lectures given to the 453 participants at the course concentrated on explaining the way to fill in elections forms, in accordance with Law No. 27 of 1996, and the executive guide to the polling regulatory charter.
Parliamentary seats at these four constituencies are currently vacant either because of the death of the MPs concerned or because of problems surrounding the original polling process in April, 1997. Complementary elections will soon be held.
Observers noted that candidates at all the above consistencies are either members of the ruling People’s General Congress or people affiliated with it, who registered as independent candidates. Opposition parties did not bother to nominate any of their members.