Preparations for elections in full swing:Counting votes to start in committees’ headquarters [Archives:2003/630/Local News]

April 7 2003

Mr. Abdu Mohammed al-Ganadi, Head of the information sector of the Supreme Committee for Elections and Referendum (SCER) confirmed last week that counting votes will start in committees' headquarters once the polling process ends on the night of April 27. He denied in a statement to Yemen Times reports about the unwillingness of the committee to start instant counting of votes at polling centers.
He stressed that the boxes would be taken from polling stations to the committee headquarters for counting.
He also confirmed that SCER called upon all the executive officials, military leaders, and school and university managers not to exert any kind of pressure on voters and that any such practices will result in lawful trail.
He requested from all political parties and organizations to do their best to avoid violence in all forms and to work together in making the elections process free, secure and honest so as to enforce Yemen's democratic experience and make it a model for future elections.