President flies to Paris [Archives:2007/1062/Front Page]

June 25 2007

SANA'A, June 24 ) The president of Republic left the Sana'a international airport heading to Paris in response to an invitation by the French president Nicolas Sarkozy.

The two presidents are going to discuss the two-sided relations between the two countries and ways to enforce the bilateral cooperation as well as discussing the current regional and international issues of joint interest, top of which the developments in Palestine, Iraq, Lebanon, and Sudan.

“This Visit is a good opportunity for us to discuss the ways for reinforcing our cooperation and friendship relations with France for the best of our countries” the president told the Saba news agency today.

The president also confirmed that several regional issues are to be discussed with the French officials such as the current developments in Palestine, Iraq, Lebanon, Somalia and the Iranian nuclear file, as well as the Arab peace Initiative and role that France is to play in this regard.

“Yemen is one of the essential partners of France and we appreciate the support that France provides for the development and democracy in Yemen in both bilateral or through the European Union.” The president declared.

The president also welcomes the French investments in Yemen and said that Yemen is expecting more influential role from France to play in respect to pushing the peace movement and development in the region as well as practicing pressure on the Israeli government to abide by the Arab principles of peace.

“We welcome the French firms to invest in Yemen and we provide all the facilities for them.

We currently have a giant strategic project for exporting the liquid natural Gas. The project, which will reinforce the partnership chances and interests between the two countries, is implemented by the joint local companies and led by the French Total Company.” the president concluded.