President Inaugurates Projects on May 22nd [Archives:1999/20/Local News]

May 17 1999

President Ali Abdullah Saleh is pushing government officials in charge of Aden to finalize implementation of some of the key projects in the governorate. Top priority is given to the Aden Free Zone, which the President will visit on the occasion of May 22, anniversary of the Re-Unification of the Nation. The President will visit the Container Terminal, which has recently become operational.
Another important project is the Socotra Island Airport. The Minister of Public Works, Eng. Abdullah Al-Dafee and a number of his assistants are working around the clock to meet the 22nd May deadline to inaugurate the airport. This is an important facility, as the island is cut off during the summer months because of tidal waves and monsoon rains.
A third key project to be inaugurated is the Safer-Hadhramaut which cuts through the Empty Quarter (Rub al-Khali), thus linking the Marib region to Wadi Hadhramaut.
There are several other projects in various governorates that are expected to be inaugurated on the 22nd of May.