President Lashes out at Security and Military Men [Archives:2001/22/Local News]

May 28 2001

President Ali Abdullah Saleh lashed out at security and military men last Thursday. He accused them of using their power and influence to blackmail people instead of protecting them.
In a graduation ceremony held at Al-Thulaya Military Institute based in Aden, President Saleh accused some military and security men of using their military uniform to show off or commit criminal acts and escape punishment. The President stressed that such acts will not go unpunished. He said that the main job of the security people is to maintain security and peace in the country. These people should prevent crimes in the society and not restrict their business to only reporting such the things to the president after they take place.
The president promised to provide this institution all possible assistance, but highlighted the need for well-qualified officers who are committed to fulfill their noble mission effeciently. He said that the suspension of the Compulsory Military Service Law came as a result of the changes Yemen is currently going through and the stabilized relationship of the country with neighboring countries with whom Yemen has sorted out all its border disputes.
He pointed out that some officers used to blackmail students and take bribes to issue them waivers from the military service. Many people want to join the military services. Hence the voluntary service in this institution will be for four years to reduce the expenses up to 60%.
Observers opine that President Saleh’s statements implies his seriousness about fighting corruption among the security and military people and provide this institution with highly qualified people to cope with the changes taking place inside and outside the country. Yemen now should focus on the quality rather than quantity, particularly after it solved all of its border disputes.