President launches projects [Archives:2002/10/Front Page]

March 4 2002

President Ali Abdullah Saleh started to tour a number of governorates including Marib, al-Mahra and Hadhramoot on Thursday.
The president was accompanied by some officials to familiarize themselves with the basic needs of these governorates and to inaugurate new essential projects.
In his speech following the Friday Prayer in Shebam, Hadhramoot, the president urged businessmen to invest their capitals into various projects with the aim of providing new job opportunities.
Tens of thousands of Hadhramoot governorate residents had emigrated to Gulf States, Indonesia, Malaysia and other South-Eastern Asia countries where they had started big businesses and are now capable of investing their capitals in Yemen.
In the same context, the president inaugurated Tareem-Shehn highway on March 3, a road which cost more than YR 7.3 billion. It is about 575 km long financed by the Sultanate of Oman.
The Yemeni government is also contributing 35 percent of this project. The new highway will link Yemen and Oman from the eastern gateway for Yemen and the Gulf States. At the same time, around 50 percent of al-Ghaidha-Sarfeed highway project has been implemented. This highway will link Oman and Yemen from the west.
The president will also inaugurate a new oil refinery in al-Mokalla City. Production will reach 25 thousand barrel during the first phase, and 100 thousand during the coming phase. Yemenis as well as Saudis and investors from the UAE will take part in this project.