President orders release [Archives:2004/762/Local News]

August 9 2004

“HOOD” came to know that Jamal Ali Salem al-Madari was released, in light of the President, Ali A. Saleh's instructions. The release came as a result of a letter to the President addressed by “Hood” on 25th July 2004 protesting the arrests carried out to the above-named, Radfan Ali Salem al-Madari , Aref Ali Salem al-Madari and Fadhle Ali Mansoor, as hostages to pressure on the citizen Yasser Ali Salem al-Madari, to surrender himself.
On the one hand, “Hood” appreciates the response of the President and his instructions to releasing the detainee, meanwhile, it is hopefully anticipating to follow up the release with the release of the other detainees: Radfan Ali Salem al-Madari, Aref Ali Salem al-Madari and Fadhle Ali Mansoor. “HOOD” appreciates all the positive efforts to end all arrests which taken place by the security authorities, beyond the form of the constitution and law.