President reiterates opposition to a strike against Iraq [Archives:2002/40/Front Page]

September 30 2002

President Saleh said on Thursday that Yemen strongly opposes any attack against Iraq, especially that Iraq had agreed to allowing UN weapons inspectors back with no conditions. In a strong statement against US policies, the President said during the youth parade held on Thursday on the occasion of the 26 September revolution anniversary that if UN resolutions are to be enforced, then they should be enforced on all nations with no exceptions.
“We have condemned September 11 terror attacks and terrorists are still being hunted, but meanwhile, not even one UN resolution has been enforced against the 50-year-old terrorism in Palestine…We want to see the UN resolutions touching on the Palestinian cause to be implemented at least once in the history”. Implicitly criticizing the US double standard policy, President Saleh added, “The world is making a big fuss for it guesses that Iraq has biological and chemical weapons arsenal and is downplaying, meanwhile, the bitter fact Israel’s biological and chemical weapons arsenal considered the biggest in the region and poses a threat to the whole world, why is this?” he asked.
Among the other issues raised by the President were the conflict in Somalia, the Palestinian issue, and other regional and International issues. The focus of the speech however was on the achievements during the last 40 years since the 26 September revolution erupted in 1962.