President Saleh Attends Funeral of Late King Hassan [Archives:1999/30/Front Page]

July 26 1999

Following the death of King Hassan II of Morocco, President Saleh, flew to Rubat yesterday to attend the late King’s funeral ceremony. The Royal Family will be receiving tens of delegations represented by presidents and heads of states from all over the world. President Saleh was the last Head of State to meet King Hassan before his death. King Hassan, 70, died on Friday following a heart attack bringing an end to his 38-year-old rule. His eldest son, Crown Prince Mohammed was enthroned in a swift succession allegiance ceremony just few hours later after the announcement of King Hassan’s death. The new King Mohammed VI is likely to face many challenges, politically and economically.. As Yemen Times pays its sincere condolences to the bereaved royal family, it wishes the best of success for the new King Mohammed.