President Saleh blames some journalists for damaging Yemen’s economy:Exports to Saudi Arabia at standstill [Archives:2003/660/Local News]

August 18 2003

Sanaa, August 16 – President Ali Abdullah Saleh declared on Wednesday that Yemen's exports to Saudi Arabia have been at a standstill. The main factor behind this is the unfair coverage by some newspapers of Saudi-Yemeni affairs he said.
“Some of our products are being prevented from entering some of the neighboring countries (but) those countries have nothing to do with it.” he said in a speech broadcast on national TV, while he was in an event organized by the Agricultural Associations Federation.
“Unfortunately, the problem is internal. Some careless journalists, either in the official or independent press, are harming Yemen's interests ur products are being prevented from entering the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. That was a result of biased coverage by the Ath-Thawra newspaper and some of the partisan newspapers,”
President Saleh directly blamed “careless writers” for this economic difficulty. He said those journalists cannot handle their responsibility and hence damage their country's interests.