President Saleh Calls for Fighting Feuds among Armed Forces [Archives:2001/52/Local News]

December 24 2001

Sana’a, 16 Dec.(Saba) – President Ali Abdullah Saleh paid a visit on Sunday December 16 to the Badr Military Camp in Aden where he was received by commander of the southern military area, brig. Mahdi Makwalah, along with commanders of the military units, officers, noncommissioned officers, and individuals who exchanged congratulations on Eid with the president. President extended congratulations to individuals and officers of the camp, as well as to all members of the armed forces on the occasion of Eid.
Addressing the camp, president said the armed forces belonged to all the people, they did not belong to a specific tribe or area. The armed forces were formed from all classes of the society, from all governorates, districts, and villages all over the republic. We must fight feuds, sectarianism, and religious fanaticism with all means, president said. There have appeared some feuds here and there among the armed forces with very unpleasant smell, these things must be combated. He said that the state gave all necessary care to improve the conditions of the armed forces.
President was accompanied by chairman of the Shura council Adul Azeez Abdul Ghani, minister of state, secretary general of the presidential office Abdullah Albasheeri.