President Saleh Criticizes Bush’s Statements [Archives:2002/06/Front Page]

February 4 2002

President Ali Abdullah Saleh called on the USA to adopt a fair stand towards the Palestinian cause and suffering of the Palestinian people. In his speech addressed to the 9th Annual Military Conference on Thursday, Saleh said: “We want the USA to consider the feelings of Arabs and Muslims towards ailments of the Palestinian people. We believe that without the US support of it, Israel will not dare to practice such aggressive acts against the Palestinians for we think the Arab world is more powerful than Israel!
He urged the Arabs and Muslims to speak the same tone and with one stand. He called on Arabs to come up with one opinion and stand before kicking off the Arab Summit in Beirut in March. “Our resolutions should be different from those of the past. They should be decisive and fruitful to the Palestinian people.” He called on Palestinian organizations to stand by President Yaser Arafat, calling for the implementation of the UN resolutions concerning the establishment of the Palestinian State, with Jerusalem as its capital. President Saleh showed resentment towards the statement of George Bush, considering Hamas and Islamic Jihad as terrorist organizations. He said those organizations were not terrorists at all, pointing out that there should be distinction between terrorism and legitimate right to independence and freedom. He said Israel was the biggest terrorist country in the world.
On his part, Foreign Minister, Dr. Abu Bakr al-Qirbi criticized the US position towards the Middle East saying the US should reconsider its unjust position and the right of the Palestinians.