President Saleh Goes [Archives:1997/51/Front Page]

December 22 1997

to See for Himself
They say, “Seeing is believing”. That is exactly what President Ali Abdullah Saleh is doing, these days. The top man has been receiving conflicting reports on conditions in the southern and eastern governorates. His “assistants” have been telling him that things are fine, and that the trouble is caused by anarchists, traitors, secessionists, etc. Other sources, probably people who care more about Yemen and its stability, have been reporting otherwise. So the President is in search of first-hand experience in Aden, Abyan, Hadhramaut, and Shabwah. Even as “his” men try to “protect” him from discovering too much, he has seen enough. He has already ordered the release of a lot of people, including some so-called “bad” guys.