President Saleh in Amman to Attend Funeral of King Hussein Today [Archives:1999/06/Front Page]

February 8 1999

On a sad Sunday, King Hussein of Jordan left us for good. On this event, President Ali Abdullah Saleh immediately flew to Amman to attend the Funeral which will also be attended by at least 40 heads of states. King Hussein was among the most beloved Arab leaders in modern time. His influence on peace in the Middle East was significant, and his efforts were tremendous. H.M. King Abdullah, the elder son of King Hussein will succeed his father in ruling the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.
As the Yemen Times, with all regret and sorrow we present our condolence to the Royal Hashemite Jordanian Family, to the Jordanian people, to all Arabs, and to the whole world on the death of the beloved King Hussein, who will always stay in our hearts..