President Saleh in Tokyo [Archives:1999/11/Front Page]

March 15 1999

Following a successful 2-day visit to New Delhi, President Ali Abdullah Saleh and his accompanying delegation arrived in Tokyo yesterday. The president’s program includes extensive talks on regional and international issues, as well as on Japan’s contribution to Yemen’s socio-economic development process.
Yemen Times learned that the President is asking Japan to finance two large projects – an expansion of Sanaa International Airport’s runway, and a new electricity plants. However, neither project is on Japan’s priority list. Actually, officials in Tokyo are not interested in large projects. They are willing to continue with the present level of support – some US$ 30-35 million a year for various infrastructure and human resource development projects. But, because this is the first visit of a Yemeni head of state, Tokyo is reported to have agreed to award an additional 20 billion yen.
In India, the President had pushed for more cultural support (read, educational scholarships) and credit lines for imports. Discussions also covered the purchase of spare parts for old Russian military hard ware.