President Saleh Jubilee celebrated in Taiz [Archives:2003/653/Community]

July 24 2003
Photo from archived article: photos/653/community1_1
Photo from archived article: photos/653/community1_1
Yemen Times Staff

The Martyrs Square in Taiz witnessed a huge celebration last Thursday 17th July on the occasion of the silver jubilee of President Saleh's election as president of the republic. Prime minister Abdulqadir ba Jammal attended the celebration in which he delivered a speech describing the dimensions of this occasion and the significance of this day explaining that what our president has achieved is the greatest victory for our country and the Yemeni people as whole. In conclusion of his speech he expressed his best greetings and compliments on the occasion wishing the president and the Yemeni people further success and glory.
Judge Ahmed Abdullah Al-Hijri governor of Taiz delivered a welcoming speech to the audience emphasizing on ''our right as Yemenis to celebrate this occasion and that we all should be proud of the achievements our country has reached under the wise guidance of President Saleh.''
Following the speeches entertainment shows were displayed as more than 350 dancers of various governorates drew a beautiful spectacle called “Kindness and The Leader”. The ceremony started with a Zamil (folklore group songs) that praised the togetherness and unity of the people with the leader and the common efforts to achieve our goals. Then the dancers portrayed artistic parades in which messages of togetherness, unity between leader and people were conveyed. The groups danced on the song carrying the title of their show “Kindness and The Leader” whose lyrics was written by poet Mohammed Mushin Al-Haddar and composed by composer Ahmed bin Gowdal. Artist Salma Al-Thahiri designed the dance movements which were directed by director Fareed Al-Thahiri. The song told about the country's history and the events that it under went in the past and hopes of the future.
The dancers in beautiful moves and colorful dresses then displayed a modern version of Alliyowa folklore dance from Aden and other local dances from Taiz, Hadramout, Shabowa, Abyan, Lahj and Sana'a. Swords, local head covers were a part of the costumes and Yemeni daggers for men and for women there were the beautiful head covers and elegant colorful dresses and silver accessories.
The place was filled with joy and laughter and the incense smell filling the air giving a very intimate touch of the Yemeni culture especially with the background images of the national monuments such as the Marib dam, Seera Fort, Dar Al-Hajar and Al-Gowaizi Fort.
All in all the celebration was a magnificent occasion to relive the success of this country and the great deeds of our president. This was a chance to reflect on the Yemeni history and to look back with pride to the achievements and the progress Yemen is living. Thanks to all the heroes behind and in the scene the celebration was a memorial one and of course thanks to All Hayel Group represented by Mr. Shawqi Ahmed Hayel who provided a lot of the facilities and afford the materials and expenditure of the celebration. And last but not least thanks to President Ali Abdullah Saleh whom we celebrate today and always.