President Saleh Markets Yemen Abroad With Chirac in Paris on Oct. 24, With Blair in London on Nov. 11, With Zemin in Beijing on Feb. 16. [Archives:1997/41/Front Page]

October 13 1997

There is a decided shift in focus in the efforts of President Ali Abdullah Saleh. It is evident that he now sees more need to promote Yemen as a viable investment market for foreign business people. He is working hard on Yemen’s international image. This explains the extensive travel undertakings he plans. In a few days, the President will fly to Paris. He will hold talks with French President Jacque Chiraq and Prime Minister Jospin. The meetings are scheduled for 24th October. The President will also visit the exhibition on Yemen, and meet with business people. French Ambassador Andre Janier described the trip as an ‘important working visit’. (For more information on this, please refer to the interview with the French ambassador on page 5). A tradition of annual meetings between Presidents Saleh and Chiraq is developing. The two men met in September 1995, and in July 1996. They meet again later this month. The British Government has offered to host President Ali Abdullah Saleh in London on November 11th for talks with Tony Blair, the UK Prime Minister. A call on the royal family is also in the works. (For further information on this, please refer to the interview with the UK ambassador on page 5). President Saleh will also meet with UK business people. The President’s visit to China, his first since 1987, is scheduled for February 16th. He will meet Chinese President Jian Zemin and other leaders of China. Economic cooperation and political coordination will top the agenda.