President Saleh requests fair trial of Saddam [Archives:2004/703/Front Page]

January 15 2004

Mohammed bin Sallam
In an interview with the Kuwaiti Al-Rai Al-Aam Newspaper, President Ali Abdullah Saleh expressed his wish for a fair trial of the former Iraqi president Saddam Hussein considering that the term Prisoner Of War (POW) used by the USA pertaining his case was correct as it represents the fact that he was facing the American and allied invasion when he was caught. He said that Saddam Hussein was arrested while fighting a foreign invasion in his capacity as the Supreme Commander of the Iraqi Armed Forces. And Hence, according to Saleh, it is only natural for them to treat him as POW, wishing from the USA to expedite pulling its troops from Iraq and the handover of power to the Iraqi People.
In the interview, the president expressed his refusal of any partitioning of Iraq and said “We refuse any partitioning of Iraq for it is not in the interest of the country and we do not want to see any Arab country occupied.””
With regard to the relations with Kuwait he declared that Kuwaiti-Yemeni relations are close and historic for more than 41 years following the revolution in Yemen. He also said that relations between the two country still remain good.
He added