President Saleh says file is madeAl-Houthi sympathizers to be brought to justice [Archives:2004/786/Front Page]

November 1 2004

By Hassan Al-Zaidi
Yemen Times Staff

President Saleh recently confirmed a file of those involved in Sa'ada events is being prepared. This file includes political party leaders and prominent politicians from the Opposition.
The president made comments in a speech after an official dinner party to which a number of government dignitaries, political party leaders and important social personages were invited.
The president said, “We have a file concerning those involved in Marran events to be distributed, published and then referred to justice. It includes the prisoners, those who served their sentences and other instigators supporting the rebellion. The file of Al-Houthi's case started on August 22nd; a few weeks after quenching the insurgency.”
The president declared positive results reached after negotiating with some detainees of Al-Houthi supporters who have been released, while many others are still serving in prison.
This speech comes just one week after President Saleh met with the mediators and two of Al-Houthi prominent followers, one of them his younger brother, sources told The Yemen Times.
The negotiations held by the mediation committee have been presided over by Sheikh Ibn Shaj'a, and aim at settling down the current crisis.
The same sources said military authorities in Sa'ada arrested persons and seized their 30 anti-armored-vehicle mines in Dhahan town in Sa'ada. They were plotting to carry out operations with such mines.
The mediation committee the Yemen Times contacted confirmed that the recently captured elements are not grouped among Al-Houthi followers; however, they are elements intending to end the truce and resume the crisis between the government and Al-Houthi followers.
The government started to give the teachers their salaries after they were suspended during the period of Sa'ada events, while the government was exerting efforts to crack down on Al-Houthi influential supporters.
Sheikh Abdullah Al-Rezami is still keeping his stand by chanting the slogan ” Death is for the U.S. and Israel”. He, along with Al-Houthi's father, refused to meet with the government officials. The sources mentioned that the extremist Al-Rezami stands up against the government and refuses to negotiate with the mediation committee, but he committed to abide by the truce and not to mastermind any insurgency.
The authorities succeeded in disbanding the remainder of Al-Houthi followers, but the crisis of the detainees still constitutes a threat to the government, especially the elements with whom the negotiation committee, which is formed of some government seniors presided over by Judge Hamoud Al-Hitar, could not reach any solution in its fifth round.
Ali Mohsen Al-Ahmar, who is responsible for the file of detainees and manipulating the crisis, returned from Saudi Arabia last Sunday after his visit, through which he met with Saudi officials.
Press resources mentioned that Al-Ahmar visited the K.S.A in order to discuss with the Saudi officials the extent of Sa'ada events, in which some Saudi elements belonging to the Hamidaddin dynasty were convicted for their involvement in supporting Al-Houthi.