President Saleh Started Talks with Saudi King Today HOPING FOR A BREAKTHROUGH [Archives:2000/24/Front Page]

June 12 2000

After a successful visit to Germany, President Saleh arrived yesterday to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia and started his discussions with Saudi Leader, H.M. King Fahd Bin Abdulaziz in Jeddah. After the 2-day official visit, President Saleh is expected to travel tomorrow to Damascus to attend the funeral of late Syrian President, Hafez Al-Assad.
In regard to the President’s visit, Yemenis are all cross-fingered hoping for a lasting resolution of the border dispute between Yemen and Saudi Arabia, and hence normalizing all aspects of the relationship. Analysts predict that Yemen is now as close as ever to reaching an agreement with its neighbor. Border demarcation will be on top of the agenda of the meetings although there will be discussions about various other issues.
It is well-known that Yemen opposes any proposal of resorting to the International Court of Justice as it believes that the issue can be resolved in a brotherly manner.
Normalization of relations is expected to lead to the resumption of financial aid, permitting Yemeni labor of going back to Saudi Arabia, and increasing economic cooperation. This is definitely why Yemen is looking at this visit with hope and anxiety.