President Saleh’s Eid Speech: ON PATIENCE, HOPE & STANDING TOGETHER [Archives:1999/03/Front Page]

January 18 1999

On the eve of Eid Al-Fitr Al-Mubarak, an important Islamic holiday, President Ali Abdullah Saleh addressed the Yemeni nation reminding of the virtues of patience, hope and standing together. He asked the people to strengthen and equip themselves with those qualities, stressing that “success was inevitable in our journey of democratization and development”.

The Yemeni leader also touched on a number of internal difficulties, notably terrorism and kidnapping that have reently troubled the country. “These activities are alien to the nature of our society and our values. We must shun them and fight against them,” he said.
The President also explained that “improving economic prospects are going to follow the reform package that is being implemented”. He added that the new budget of the government calls for major investments in services and infrastructure 1999.