President urges SEC to adhere to rules [Archives:2002/44/Local News]

October 28 2002

SANA’A-An explanatory letter has been dispatched to the president of the republic by the Supreme Election Committee, (SEC) in response to the letter sent by the Joint Meeting Parties, (JMP) concerning the infringements that took place during the registration processes and some other executive bodies.
The SEC has meanwhile affirmed that its duties have been progressing and in the right proper manner in accordance with the constitution and law.
The letter has further stated that the accusations that have been issued by the JMP are groundless and can’t be backed up by facts.
On his part, the president has sent a letter to the SEC urging them to adhere to the rules and regulations of the constitution, and the general election law.
In his letter, he further demanded the SEC and its affiliations to enable other bodies to practice their rights to monitor and supervise the process of the election in all its stages.
This has come after recording some alleged infringements by the JMP against some election centers and the SEC where the former has charged the latter of breaching its duties standing against the members of the JMP.