Presitigous award to Al-Maqaleh [Archives:2004/712/Culture]

February 16 2004

Abdulaziz Al-Maqaleh, the chairman of the Yemeni Center for Research and Studies, and cultural advisor of President Saleh, has received the Golden Medal Award in Arab culture for the year 2003.
The award was submitted by Al-Manji Bosnina, General Manager of the Arab Organization for Education, Culture, and Science, and marked Al-Maqaleh as its first Arab scholar to be awarded this medal for his distinctive role in supporting Arab culture and literature.
Bosnina emphasized that the award was given to Al-Maqaleh for his role in supporting Arab literature and arts, and signals him as the first Arab to receive the award.
In his statement, Al-Maqaleh expressed gratitude and appreciation to the organization and judges who agreed unanimously to award it to him and confirmed his commitment to continue supporting all efforts to expose Arab culture and arts and enhance them further in every way.
“I believe it is our duty to represent our Arab identity in a positive way that reflects our significant historical role in influencing culture on a global scale,” he said.