Press conference on Ozone [Archives:2004/775/Local News]

September 23 2004

By Ramzi al-Absi
Yemen Times Staff

A press conference on Ozone Layer Protection was held in the Ministry of Water and Environment on Monday 20th September 2004. The conference, marking the world's day for Ozone Layer Protection on September 16th, aimed to raise awareness amongst the press men about the harm of this problem to all beings.
The conference was attended by Dr. Mohammed Lutf al-Eryani, Minister of Water and Environment, Mahmoud Shidaywah, Chief of Environment Protection Authority (EPA), Eng. Faisal Ahmed Nasser, Director of National Ozone Unit (NOU), and a number of press men and women representing most newspapers and media.
The conference begun with a speech by the Minister pointing out the significance of the environmental media, which should be utilized for the purpose of promoting environmental awareness in society. After that, Mahmoud Shidaywah delivered a speech in which he mentioned the efforts of the EPA and NOU in the framework of regional and international exertions aimed at protecting the environment as a whole and the Ozone layer in particular.
Valuable questions raised by attendees were informatively answered by both Shidaywah and Faisal. The conference created a better understanding of the Ozone and environmental issues among those present, which should be reflected throughout the media. The conference finally discussed the different environmental issues concerning the unique land and marine environment in Yemen.