Price violations rise to 1,400 during Ramadan [Archives:2006/988/Front Page]

October 9 2006

Saddam Al-Ashmouri
SANA'A, Oct. 8 ) Official Ministry of Trade and Industry sources revealed that more than 1,400 price violations have been discovered in local markets nationwide since Ramadan began. Abdulmalik Shaiban, Deputy Minister of Trade and Industry, clarified that the reported violations are unjustified price increases by some traders, particularly foodstuff prices, in addition to other violations such as bakers reducing bread weights as well as increased prices for construction materials and cement.

“The Ministry of Trade and Industry is preparing legal action against violating traders and bakers,” Shaiban confirmed, “Through its nationwide branches, the ministry is continuing the process of monitoring and inspecting markets and trade stores.”

He noted that the ministry began its monitoring campaign before Ramadan and transferred 350 violating traders to Prosecution on Sept. 15 for raising foodstuff prices for dairy, wheat, ghee, chicken and eggs.

Yemeni Association for Consumers Protection (YACP) affirmed there are violations in the prices and specifications of some foodstuffs. In its statement, YACP said the foodstuff prices for wheat, flour, rice, oil, and sugar have raised by 15 percent. Sent to PM Abdul-Qader Bajammal, the statement states the weights of rice and sugar sacks are reduced by 20 percent. The YACP pointed out that the general prosecution has not responded to the reports on monitoring prices in the market.