Primakov: Russia enhances economic ties with Yemen [Archives:2005/904/Local News]

December 19 2005

SANA'A, Dec.17)Mr. Yevgeny Primakov, Chairman of the Industry and Trade Chambers Union in Russia, described his visit to Yemen as successful since it lead to signing two agreements for the establishment of Businessmen Council in both countries, as well as enhancing cooperation between industry and trade chambers in Russia and Yemen.

In a press conference held last Thursday, Mr. Primakov pointed out that during his meeting with officials from Yemeni government, the General Union of Industry and Trade Chambers (GUITC) and President of the Republic, they discussed means of strengthening trade exchange between the two brotherly countries.

Primakov and the Yemeni officials also discussed the prospect of establishing joint ventures investments between Yemen and Russia, indicating that that the Russian businessmen are paying increased attention to the Aden Free Zone and there are plans for cooperation and investment particularly in the fields of energy, water ditches and dams, and also supplying Yemen with heavy and light equipment for infrastructural and business projects.

The Russian official mentioned that an agreement was reached with the Yemeni GUITC for exchanging lists of offers on investments available in both countries. He also praised the role of the Russian-Arab Businessmen Council in consolidating and improving trade ties between the Arab countries and Russia since it was established.

Primakov said that his visit to Yemen was a success, and its fruit is the establishment of a Russian-Yemeni businessmen council, which will work on enhancing cooperation between businessmen in Yemen and Russia and facilitate trade exchange. “My visit is successful and serves joint economic cooperation”, Primakov exclaimed.

With respect to his assessment of the Yemeni-Russian economic ties, Primakov said: “Yemen and Russia enjoy old and historic ties, particularly in the economic areas, and these ties experience continuing growth and remarkable improvement. There are Yemeni businessmen who visit Russia, and vice versa, such contact is one of the positive aspects that work on the formation of economic ties and trade exchange between both countries.

When asked by the Yemen Times about the role he played with the former Iraqi regime prior to the Anglo-Saxon invasion of Iraq, Primakov replied: “three months prior to the US military operations in Iraq, I went to the U.S. and met with the U.S. Vice President Cheney and Ms. Conduleezza Rice. We held discussions with the aim to stop the U.S.-led war against Iraq, but from those discussions I understand that an earlier decision has been taken by the U.S. to start the military operations in Iraq, Russia, some European countries and China exerted extensive efforts to convince the U.S.A. not to attack Iraq but all the attempts have gone in awry,” he said.

“Just few weeks before the U.S. attack on Iraq, Russia expended high efforts to persuade the U.S. to stop its war against Iraq, and that a letter was sent from the Russian President Vladmir Putin to Saddam Hussein to persuade him resign from his post as the President of Iraq and allow the Iraqi Parliament to elect a new president for Iraq. Sorrowfully, Saddam did not respond and my task came to an end with achieving any success.”

Regarding his historic interests in the Arab region, Primakov said he authored three books about the biography of Jamal Abdulnasser, July Revolution and the effects of September 11 events on the Arab region. He said he also has a new book, which is under press.

Yevgeny Primakov has been famous for being the biggest friend of Arabs in Russia and a remarkable political personality in both regions. For two years, he was as the President of the former Soviet Union's Supreme Council, and later on became a member in the Presidential Council, as well as a member in the Nationalist Security Council. Prior to his appointment as the Russian Foreign Minister, he was appointed the manager of foreign intelligence organization.

In the reign of President Yalstin, Primakov occupied the post of Prime Minister, and prior to that he was one of the prominent journalists renowned for their interest in the Arab issues.

Currently, Primakov holds the post of an Advisor to the Russian President for Trade and Economic Affairs, Chairman of Moscow's Trade and Industry Chamber, as well as the Chairman of the Arab-Russian Businessmen Council.