Primary school wrecked in Aden [Archives:2007/1038/Local News]

April 2 2007

ADEN, April 1 ) Al-Shawkani Primary School, previously known as 23 October School, in Aden's Dar Sa'ad district has been destroyed due to the lack of maintenance and the negligence of education, civil service and governorate officials in Aden. The school, established following the departure of British forces in 1963, has now been declared ruined after 44 years in service.

Al-Shawkani School headmaster Ghazi Ghurab, a former student of the school, told The Yemen Times the oldness of the school and its lack of preservation caused its ruining. He added he tried many times to contact the concerned authorities; however, their response came too late.

Ghurab added that the construction of neighboring streets, as well as heavy equipment movement, has caused many parts of the school to fall apart. He added a female teacher was hit in the head a month ago when a large piece of ceiling fell over her while she was teaching in the class.

Reacting to the incident, the school administration decided to halt teaching in the school, which contains 28 classes with 65 teachers and 2000 students taught both during the morning and night.

The first three grades were given an open holiday, while the fourth to ninth grades were shifted to nearby Abu Fadhl School whose secondary school students were transferred to Zinab school. Thus, the confusion has extended to three schools.