Prime Minister and CBY Governor Respond to YT Articles [Archives:1998/11/Local News]

March 16 1998

“Declarations on Financial worth are coming.” “The return is just 11%.” The YT editorial in issue # 10, Vol VIII, dated March 9th, asked questions about the fate of the promises made by Prime Minister Dr. Faraj Bin Ghanim and his cabinet members regarding issuing statements on their financial worth.
The Prime Minister’s office sent a letter indicating that the cabinet has approved, in its meeting of February 18th, a bill on this matter sent to parliament. “While we appreciate your concern, we want to insist that such a step remains a top priority for this government,” the letter said.
Now it is up to parliament to study the proposed bill and enact a law requiring senior government officials to declare their financial worth. The Governor of the Central Bank of Yemen, Mr. Ahmed Abdul-Rahman Al-Samawi, telephoned the Yemen Times in response to information that was carried by a front-page article on treasury bills last week, Monday, March 9th.
“I want to indicate that return on T-bills is now just over 11%, and not around 18% as you reported,” he said.