Prime Minister and The New Era [Archives:2001/20/Focus]

May 14 2001

By Mohamed Kadri
No wonder I have been hearing the public talking about a better era for Yemen. My keen observations show that people here are seriously expecting a great deal of improvement in their living conditions, and advancement in political relationships between Yemen and our brothers in the region!

What makes Yemenis hope so? What prompts such a public confidence in Mr. Bajammal, our new Prime Minister? Is he a magician creating a new and prosperous Yemen while his predecessors failed on these scores?

My deep reflections led me to share the positive opinions towards Mr. Bajammal. The reasons are simple and are five fold: First, Bajammal, generally speaking, is a personality that fills his chair. His far-sight into general affairs, and his charming personal behavior are sufficient to make him reliable. Second, Mr. Bajammal’s past track records, show how successful the man has been, especially in negotiations with rulers of Saudi Arabia. The matter achieved an end to the Yemeni-Saudi border problems, which others hung our resulting backwardness and failure to have a better standard of living on. Third, Bajammal originally comes from Hadramout; where real and factual investors come. And now, neighboring countries waiting for the right person to give them confidence and to work with is here. Fourth, all of us realize well how Saudi and Gulf countries recognize Bajammal, accept him and, and no doubt, will give him a hand! Fifth, Bajammal has been put in a challenging position. I see it as logical behavior for him to work-hard!

Mr. Bajammal, our new Prime Minister: Try to rise to the expectation of your people. Try not to disappoint them!