Prime Minister Iryani: “I pledge that from here on, my government will adhere to FULL ACCOUNTABILITY.” [Archives:1999/13/Front Page]

March 29 1999

Dr. Abdul-Karim Al-Iryani, Prime Minister, speaking at the concluding session of the Second Conference for Government Economic Corporations, openly pledged his commitment to efficiency and full accountability in the performance of the government and its affiliated companies and corporations.” The Prime Minister went one step further to take a public oath that he will not waver in the pursuit of better management of public resources. 
For four days – 20-23/3/1999, about 120 senior government officials who are managing the state machinery and public and mixed corporations have been discussing such shortcomings as inefficiency, negligence, and corruption in their work. 
Following a four-day conference, the top officials of the economic corporations of the government issued the following recommendations: 
1. All economic units which participated in the conference should submit an executive program to be implemented within a specific period of time of their tasks. Such program should be submitted within 90 days starting from today’s date. 
2. The secretariat, headed by the Chairman of the Central Organization for Control and Audit, shall carry monitor program implementation of all agencies within the deadlines specified. 
3.Every organization shall send a progress report every four months to the Cabinet regarding the implementation of these resolutions, and the recommendations of this meeting according to the specified deadlines.