Prime Minister launches 25th round of ESCWA conference [Archives:2008/1160/Local News]

May 2 2008

By: Mahmoud Assamiee
SANA'A, May 28 )Yemen hosted the meeting of regional minds that comprise the United Nations' Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia (ESCWA) from May 26 and 29 in Sana'a, with Prime Minister Ali Mujawar opening the 25th round of the session.

ESCWA is a United Nations (UN) agency that works specifically with Western Asian countries including all those in the Gulf and Levant. Senior officials, regional ministers and various representatives from UN agencies meet every two years to discuss how development – social, financial, political – can be as a tool to reach the Millennium Development Goals set out by the UN.

Ban Ki-moon, who wrote an address for the meeting that was delivered by ESCWA executive secretary Badr Omar Al-Dafa, said that he had confidence that the 25th round would reflect regional contributions and intentions for realizing all the Millennium Development Goals in due time.

“ESCWA is in a position to perform an active role in social and economic development in the region since it is an unaligned body with international ideals