Prime Minister’s Hard Work About to Pay Off ? Imminent Judicial Reform [Archives:1998/03/Front Page]

January 19 1998

The Prime Minister, Dr. Faraj Bin Ghanim, is a man known for his calm and persistent hard work. One such example was directed at judicial reform. “The present judicial system blocks new investments, tourism, and even peace of mind of our citizens,” he said in a statement to the Yemen Times. But almost 7 months of calm and hard work is about to pay off. “President Ali Abdullah Saleh has approved a working paper on our proposals for change,” Dr. Faraj said, adding, “I expect a breakthrough!” Indeed, in a few days, the Supreme Judicial Council will meet to put the final touches on these proposals. As part of the changes, many senior judges and district attorneys are going to be replaced. Also to go packing are top people in the justice system and general attorney’s office.