Prime minister’s security allegedly attacks reporter [Archives:2007/1020/Local News]

January 29 2007

SANA'A, Jan. 28 ) The Yemeni Journalists Syndicate condemned on Wednesday the assault and harassment of journalist Mohamed Al-Ghubari, office director of the Emeriti Al-Bayan newspaper.

Al-Ghubari was attacked along with three other journalists allegedly by the prime minister's bodyguards on Tuesday morning as the four pressmen were trying to enter the cabinet building to cover a press conference between Yemeni Prime Minister Abdulqader Bajammal and his Jordanian counterpart.

In an appeal to the prime minister, YJS demanded investigating the assault that violates the simplest principles of press freedom and human rights.

Al-Ghubari said he was dragged by the guards as he tried to enter the building to cover the news conference.

“The prime minister's bodyguards' assault on a journalist means that the government officials consider journalists as the enemies who uncover their weaknesses. These officials order guards to harass and attack journalists, Al-Ghubari commented.

He urged the prime minister to interrogate the perpetrators for attacking the journalists who were invited to cover the conference.

Deputy President of YJS Sa'eed Thabet Sa'eed strongly condemned the repeated assaults against journalists. He said this is an unacceptable phenomenon that degrades the role of journalism and shows no respect for human rights and dignity.

Thabet clarified that Yemeni journalists have repeatedly been subjected to abuse, harassment and attacks by authorities. “YJS always insist on punishing assailants and enemies of the press, but its demands remain unmet,” he continued.

Thabet suggested that perpetrators be taken to court to stand trial for attacking journalists who were on assignment.