Prince NAZ: Hard Win in the 7th Round [Archives:1997/41/Sports]

October 13 1997

The international boxing champion Naseem Hameed has successfully retained his WBO featherweight title. He defeated his Puerto Rican challenger Jose Badillo in a their fight on Saturday October 11th on the Sheffield Arena. Thus, Naseem now has 28 wins without a single defeat. Badillo, on the other hand, has only 20 wins and 2 defeats. Naseem’s promoter Frank Warren said, “Jose was a stiff challenge, but Naz wants even stronger boxers to fight.” The seven rounds have shown that Badillo was really a powerful opponent for the Prince. He tried with all kinds of punches – straight and hook – to bring Naz down. The Prince, however, was more than a powerful match for the Puerto Rican.  The 7th round saw Nassem delivering a fusilade of hard punches, bringing his opponent down on the ground and retaining his WBO featherweight title for the third tim, in addition to his IBF title.  If there are no more challengers, Naz will go on to challenge the holders of the WBC and WBA titles. If he succeeds, he will be the first boxer in history to hold all four titles. It is expected that the next fight will be with Puerto Rican Vasquz in the USA.