Prison reform workshop [Archives:2004/766/Local News]

August 23 2004

The Ministry of Interior is organizing a workshop to aid the reform of the prison service. This workshop will take place on Saturday, 29th August, in the Sana'a Police Officers Club. It is expected to last 3 days and be attended by senior officials of the Sana'a Prison service, the Governorate Prison Services, representatives from the Ministries of Human Rights, Education Social Affairs and Vocational Training as well as several civil society groups interested in the topic. Brigadier Ali Nasser Lakhsha, the Chairman of the Prisons Authority, has clarified the major significance of this workshop in relation to the plans that the Prisons Authority will attempt to implement in the future. Also, the workshop aims at designing and developing training and qualifications programs for the prison inmates, taking into consideration that the time spent in jail should be used constructively rather than simply as a period of punishment.