Private medical establishments shut down for violating standards [Archives:2007/1047/Local News]

May 3 2007

SANA`A, May 2, ) the committee of monitoring and investigation in the Public Health and Population Office closed down private hospitals temporarily for violating health standards and specifications by the end of April 2007.

The two private hospitals in Aden and Al-Beidha are closed after two patients had dead as a result of medical mistakes. The office received complaint from the two patients` families and started an investigation about the main reasons behind the death case.

Dr. Asam Al-Samaui, the General Manager of the medical establishments in the Public Health and Population Office confirmed that the investigation is still continuation with the two hospitals` administrative staff to make sure from the complaint of the patients` families.

Al-Samaui mentioned that most of the complaints of the patients` families are considered as criminal cases. The committee receives complaints through the criminal courts and then starting the investigation about them. “Our responsibilities stop when the committee report submitted to the criminal court to judge in the case.”” Al-Samaui added.

In the next months